Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True confessions

  I've been avoiding my blog lately.  Several reasons pop to mind.  First, I've been so exhausted most of the last month, I couldn't think straight, much less write anything worth reading.  Second, I admit I have not been the best example of what my blog stands for: hope, faith, being grateful every day, etc.  I had to read my own words just now to realize I haven't been myself for at least a month.  I seriously hate cancer, but I've learned to hate chemo even more!  With each chemo treatment, I've seen the spirit and life literally being sucked out of me.  I also admit I've given in to negative feelings and pretty much felt really sorry for myself lately.  Now that chemo is in the past, I am so hoping that these feelings will quickly fade away with the last of the chemo side effects.  Too little time and way too many bitter tears!!!  
  I have discovered that I need this blog...it's healthy for me.  It just gave back to me a new perspective that hopefully will give way to brighter days ahead.  That alone is worth the effort.  
 Thanks to all my dear friends who have hung in there with me through the crazy summer of '11.  I don't know what I would do without you, your prayers, your support.  So many have reached out to me in so many caring ways, I can't even keep track.  I apologize for the "bulk" thank you, but there are seriously too many who have given so much, I can't keep up.  I guess you need to stop being so nice or I need to kick it up a few notches on the gratitude scale.  Now that I'm starting to ramble (may be the time of day), I'll just say thanks for letting me vent a little.  I'm inspired to try harder and climb higher.  Love to all!    


  1. BOOOOOOO Chemo! BOOOOOOOO Cancer!!! Love SUE!!!! Hope you start feeling stronger and better really soon! And I'm still thinking SHRINK!