Thursday, July 21, 2011

1st Annual "Heroes hike the Y" !!!

Time: Monday, July 25 8:00am to 11:00am

Where:  The parking lot at the Y trailhead

More Info:
Two of the great heroes in my life, Chad Lewis and Sam Durst
 are sponsoring this event. Sam, who has cerebral palsy and is
 in a wheelchair, and Chad, who is an award winning athlete 
were introduced at our daughter, Kate's wedding. They have 
been good buds ever since (remember, Surround yourself with
 Greatness)! Chad recently asked Sam if he had ever hiked the Y
 and when he said no, Chad's response was, "then we're gonna
 do it and I'll push you up there"! Being the huge hearted people
 they are, they decided to do it in honor of me. This really touches
 my heart.  I asked myself what have done besides get a nasty 
form of cancer? These heroes are the first to join my new club: 
Sue's Hero Crew. If you'd like to join too, come to hike, bike, or
cartwheel up to the Y on Monday morning, then bring a smilekn 
some good shoes and a hat. You could walk away with some 
celebrity autographs (and I'm not just talking about me here) :)
You'll meet Sam and Chad, and get a free J-Dawg if you summit
 the Y
There will be other fun things too. Not everyone will hike and that's OK. 
We're going to have a party at the bottom. I will definitely be at the bottom
 (NOT the top)! I'm working on some fun surprises. You will also have an 
opportunity to donate to Pancreatic Awareness. (We're the unpopular
 purple cancer, so wear purple if you can). Bring your businesses, your
 families, and friends. Chad will sign your shirt, your book, program or 
anything you'd like. He said "Heck, I'll even sign their foreheads!" It will 
be a great way to celebrate our Pioneer heroes and all the heroes in our
 lives. We hope you can come!

Please RSVP by commenting here or go to my 
Facebook page.  Thanks for your support...this 
will be fun!!!!

Directions to Provo, Utah 84604 (The Y)

Starting from the Marriott Center N 450 E St

Head north on N 450 E St toward Marriott Way
Take the 2nd right onto E 1700 N/E University Pkwy
Turn right onto N 900 E
Turn left onto E 820 N
Continue onto Oakmont Ln
Turn right onto E Oak Cliff Dr
Turn right to stay on E Oak Cliff Dr
Turn right at Terrace Dr
Turn left
Arriving at Unknown road
Total: 2.5 mi - about 7 mins

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet my lucky charm...Tina

If you read a few posts back about the bulldog card, you'll get this video.  Roger, Christine, rock!!!  They brought me the cutest little bulldog charm necklace to remind me how tough I am.  Perfect timing because tomorrow is chemo treatment number 4.  Even though I'm dreading it, I'm ready...cuz I'M SO TOUGH! (and if I forget that, Tina will be there to remind me). 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good times! You gotta take 'em when you can get' em

Andy flew in for the weekend (his only weekend off for months).  We (the whole family) went up the canyon for a picnic on Saturday.  It was so pleasant.  We relaxed and enjoyed being together.  It really wore me out.  It's amazing how little stamina I have right now, BUT I'll trade having to sleep more for making memories with my favorite people any day!  We went up Provo canyon to Big Springs.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.   Just hanging out in the shade was the best! The video is of Uncle Andy playing with James. 
Me and my Kate

I like what's growing in her tummy much better than what's in mine (I bet hers is a lot cuter too!)

Our baby's having a baby!

Dr. Robinson, Me, and Reid

I like this guy!!!

So fun having Andy here even for 2 days!

Sweet baby James

What a happy day

Reid wearing my ugly visor

Auntie Kate and Liam

Crazy flight delays landed him in Salt Lake at's snooze time for Scott

After many 16 hour days, it's time for a nap

Kate and John, what a couple of cuties!

Grammie and Liam

It's picnic time
Rachael and the little chunk

Liam is such a happy boy!


Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm tougher than Tina!

This is a card that our friends, the Dursts, gave me.  On the inside, it says: "Just remember, you're tougher!"
Thanks Roger, Christine, and Sam  for the vote of confidence!  Grrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never thought I'd see the day...

I think it's time for a haircut.  I'm sure if you saw me, you wouldn't notice the changes in my hair.  These are subtle nuances, mind you, but when each and every day I see myself morphing into "Trump", something's gotta give.  When I look in the mirror these days, I see what Larry King is looking at in this picture.  Hair that's thin, brittle, wispy, and arranged in the most awkward way, sort of like a bad rug.  If I'm going to have something in common with "The Donald", my last choice would be hairstyle!  Let it be my address, or my bank account, NOT my hair!  Every day, I literally am pulling my hair out.  It slips out in handfuls.   Since I have very stubborn, thick hair, it's not making a very graceful exit.  A woman's tresses are supposed to be her crowning glory, right?  Well, take a good look at the above picture and you tell me...what should I do???

1. Let it fall out until I resemble Gollum and then break out the FlowBee
2  Cut it into some crazy short style that I would never normally wear (until it falls out).
3. Get it over with and "Bic" it NOW.
Me and my 27 strands of hair anxiously await your responses.  Thanks :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Going the Distance

Yesterday was round 3 of chemo and I feel relatively GREAT!  I know I could attribute it to having an extra week to recover, or the fact that the oncologist tweaked one of the drugs in the "cocktail" down about 5%.  The truth is that I received a priesthood blessing that is a gift from God telling me I would be able to endure this better.  I'm sure I'll see many more hard days, but for now I'm enjoying the love Heavenly Father is showing me through this great blessing.  I feel like I can make it through the rest of these treatments and still enjoy life!  This tumor is goin' down!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The time to enjoy life is NOW!

The week after my cancer diagnosis (May 11)  before my first chemo treatment was a a magical week of denial we like to call "Andy's Graduation Week in California".  We saw him graduate from medical school, went to disneyland, and lived at the beach (watching Andy surf).  We had so much fun before reality set in.  It's memories like these that really help on the down days.  I don't know if that simple fun weekend would have meant as much to me without that horrible diagnosis.  I would hope so, but I wonder.  Lesson to be learned?  Most definitely.  All of us would do well to fully embrace each and every moment enjoying all the simple and magnificent events in life with our family and friends.  What else is there...really?  Here's a few of mine....  

Andy getting his "fake" diploma from the deans

 Congratulations  Dr. Robinson!

A proud moment signifying 8 years of hard work
There's no better place to be in a wheelchair than Disneland!

Part of the "entourage".  The Procs (plus one), Andy, Reid, Kate & John (plus one) and me!

Can you say "party of 13 to the front of the line, please?"
More pics of this perfect weekend later (when I can figure out how to get them gathered to my computer) :).  Please promise yourself today that you will make a memorable moment this week, today, now!  I highly recommend it.  When you do, please post it on this blog and tell us your story.  Life is good, I would love to hear about yours!