Happy Pics

Whale watching off Dana Point, CA )July 2011)
"Look at me...I'm SAILING!!"

Me and Terry at the Park City
4th of July Parade

  • It's not all bad.  Life with cancer can still be fun, enjoyable, and worthwhile.  It can even be better because you treasure every good thing...and there are so many!

Johnson family party at Marleys
Linda, Bailey, Me & James

We love our boys!
John and Kate plus 1
Scott, Rachael, James & Liam

The whole family


  1. This family loves you too Mongage!

  2. Great Family Photo! I just found this page. Love all the photos and love you!
    Get ready for the beach cuz here we come! Hope Captain Davy is prepared for us!!! I have my outfit ready.

  3. Hi Sue, I found you through Erin. I am so impressed that you have turned this experience into an opportunity to share your spirit with the world. Stay positive! Love, Barb