Monday, April 9, 2012

Tumors are up by one but there's still time left on the clock...

Hi Friends!
  I had a CT scan on Tuesday to determine the size and growth pattern of the (2) tumors in my liver.  Well, it turns out there are 4, maybe 5 tumors and the oncologist says they are growing at a "brisk" pace.  That's the bad news.  Now for the good news...hmmm...don't rush me, I'm thinking...oh yeah, the good news is it's only in my liver, nowhere else that they can detect.  Also, I've been given a spot in a clinical trial for a new drug at the Huntsman Cancer Center.  I start that on the 24th, so hopefully we can stop those nasty lesions in their tracks!
  In the meantime, I'm having some great days with family, friends, and the BYU football team!  I'm grateful that spring has arrived.  It rejuvenates my soul to hear the birds singing and see the flowers and trees blooming.  Life is wonderful!