Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never thought I'd see the day...

I think it's time for a haircut.  I'm sure if you saw me, you wouldn't notice the changes in my hair.  These are subtle nuances, mind you, but when each and every day I see myself morphing into "Trump", something's gotta give.  When I look in the mirror these days, I see what Larry King is looking at in this picture.  Hair that's thin, brittle, wispy, and arranged in the most awkward way, sort of like a bad rug.  If I'm going to have something in common with "The Donald", my last choice would be hairstyle!  Let it be my address, or my bank account, NOT my hair!  Every day, I literally am pulling my hair out.  It slips out in handfuls.   Since I have very stubborn, thick hair, it's not making a very graceful exit.  A woman's tresses are supposed to be her crowning glory, right?  Well, take a good look at the above picture and you tell me...what should I do???

1. Let it fall out until I resemble Gollum and then break out the FlowBee
2  Cut it into some crazy short style that I would never normally wear (until it falls out).
3. Get it over with and "Bic" it NOW.
Me and my 27 strands of hair anxiously await your responses.  Thanks :)


  1. Okay, been there, done that. I cut it to an inch when it was doing what yours is, and then a few days later when I had a bald spot the size of an egg, I shaved it. I think shaving it wasn't a great idea, because it was really annoying. Like 5 o'clock shadow for a month till it all fell out. It was rough, stuck to the pillow, hats, couch, anything it touched. But at least the hairs falling out were tiny, not long and messy. I was grateful for that.

    So I have no idea what you should do! Good luck with it!

    Love you - Linda

  2. I say #2 - its' now or never baby! (And by the way - you are an AMAZING woman - we are praying for you daily)

  3. #2 if it has to go ~ go wild with it first! have fun ~ try something new~ When else will you ever have such an opportunity?!?!

    PS YOU AMAZE ME EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! I'd rather be like you than the Donald!!

  4. I would have to say go for the short haircut. If it were me, I would have to cut it in stages. I don't think I could just BIC it right off the bat. If you have a Flowbee I envy you. :)
    I love you, Sue!

  5. Let me know if you need some black hair? I could always mail you some to make a permanent #2 hairstyle. I vote for #2! It's short and kinda sexy. Ha! Love you Sue!

    I always enjoy reading your posts, they are so appropriate for us who are seeking healing of any kind regardless of how small they might be. Your voice is so inspiring, keep up the hard work sue! I hope to see you soon!

  6. I also vote for #2. Why not try it? I would have to do it in stages if it was me.

    Love you! It was wonderful to get to see you!


  7. Hey Sue, you're fabulous! We're cheering for you!

    BTW, my dad was a great golfer. When he had cancer, he pulled out some hair and used it to gauge the wind direction! Sure saved time and energy to bend over and pick up the grass.... So if you're a golfer, have some fun with it! :)

  8. OK, let me just say, I saw you yesterday and you have tons of hair. As much as I normally do. Hold on honey. It is NOT time yet...

  9. I would say, go for #2 first. I did, and it was pretty fun. Just don't wait as long as I did to finally bic it because then it'll look like your entire head is covered in come-overs. Then, when it's time, shave it! It's really liberating! (And it takes no time to get ready!)