Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The time to enjoy life is NOW!

The week after my cancer diagnosis (May 11)  before my first chemo treatment was a a magical week of denial we like to call "Andy's Graduation Week in California".  We saw him graduate from medical school, went to disneyland, and lived at the beach (watching Andy surf).  We had so much fun before reality set in.  It's memories like these that really help on the down days.  I don't know if that simple fun weekend would have meant as much to me without that horrible diagnosis.  I would hope so, but I wonder.  Lesson to be learned?  Most definitely.  All of us would do well to fully embrace each and every moment enjoying all the simple and magnificent events in life with our family and friends.  What else is there...really?  Here's a few of mine....  

Andy getting his "fake" diploma from the deans

 Congratulations  Dr. Robinson!

A proud moment signifying 8 years of hard work
There's no better place to be in a wheelchair than Disneland!

Part of the "entourage".  The Procs (plus one), Andy, Reid, Kate & John (plus one) and me!

Can you say "party of 13 to the front of the line, please?"
More pics of this perfect weekend later (when I can figure out how to get them gathered to my computer) :).  Please promise yourself today that you will make a memorable moment this week, today, now!  I highly recommend it.  When you do, please post it on this blog and tell us your story.  Life is good, I would love to hear about yours!                                                           

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your smile makes me smile.